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The mirror is one of the Tools that we apply along the Integration Process. Because we know that “I am my Universe”, “I am energy-Information” so I can only perceive the information that I contain within my system.  

From the Ego Mind we can only project and perceive that perception is precisely the reflection of what I am seeing at the mirror of my Life.

The mirror is always working within my universe especially it is very interesting to pay attention to that mirror when something is uncomfortable or annoying for us or even more when I cannot stand with that reflection or scenario.  There is where I have to transcend something about myself.

When you perceive someone in your reality that is questioning your inner peace, pay attention the way you feel about them, because they are being your re-flexion in the mirror of your life. How do you perceive that person? How do you feel about them? We have to pay attention to the aspects that represent an excess within us, about our feelings or reactions, when we are looking at the mirror.

The mirror can reflect us the same attitude, quality or behaviour that we don’t like about them, that pattern we have it towards ourselves or with some other people.

The mirror can reflect as well the opposite attitude you have towards yourself or some others.

This work is helping us with the Integration of our shadows and to discover ourselves in a deeper and authentic way.

El Espejo

El Espejo es una de las herramientas que solemos aplicar en el Proceso de Integración. Porque ya sabemos que Yo soy mi Universo y que soy Información y solo puedo percibir la información que contengo.

Desde la Mente Ego solo podemos proyectarnos y percibir, precisamente la percepción es nuestro reflejo que vuelve hacia nosotros, después de haber sido proyectado en el espejo de nuestra vida.

El espejo esta siempre activo en nuestra vida, es especialmente interesante prestar atención a nuestro reflejo cuando algo nos es incomodo o aun mas cuando no podemos soportarlo. Esto nos está indicando que tenemos que trascender algo de nosotros mismos.

Cuando percibas a alguien que cuestiona la Paz  en tu realidad presta mucha atención como te sientes en relación a ellos, y como los percibes.

Tenemos que prestar atención a los aspectos que representan un exceso en nosotros,  en nuestros sentimientos o reacciones, cuando estamos mirándonos al espejo.

El espejo puede reflejarnos la misma actitud, cualidad o comportamiento que no nos gusta en ellos, ese patrón lo tenemos hacia nosotros mismos o para con las otras personas.

El espejo puede reflejar también la actitud opuesta que tienes hacia ti o hacia otros.

Este trabajo nos está ayudando con la Integración de nuestra sombra y a descubrirnos a nosotros mismos de una manera más profunda y auténtica.

Mind Transformation

The Integration Method it consists in a transformation of the thinking process because is precisely at that level where we really need to transform ourselves if we want for the real healing process to take place.

Manual therapy, as well as any other external approaches especially the subtle ones, are going to help us to develop the deep connection with my different frequencies and to experience the changes within myself. The higher vibrations clear and transform the lower ones because of the Entrainment physic effect.

Why we have to access to the Mind? -Because our mind is the evolutionary Tool for our Consciousness to transform ourselves.

At the first state, as the Integration students know, we become the Observer of your own Mind, -What part of my Self can observe my Mind? Of course, of course not my Mind so the only part can be my higher expression which is my Consciousness. This process we can describe it in these three pathways:

Dematerialization of the thinking process: We are thinking as Energy or as a Soul not as Bodies anymore.

Depolarization of the thinking process: We have to think from Neutrality there is no positive or negative anymore.

Depersonalization of the thinking process: I am my Universe so I contain my life and everything is just my experience, we do not take it personally.

When we find ourselves at this stage of the Integration Process, normally we don’t have any physical symptoms anymore we are in an exciting deep self-discovery experience.

Transformación Mental

El Método de Integración es en sí mismo, un proceso de transformación  de nuestro pensamiento. Porque es a este nivel donde precisamente debemos operar si queremos que una sanación definitiva se produzca.

La terapia manual así como otros posibles abordajes terapéuticos especialmente aquellos de alta vibración, nos ayudan a desarrollar la sensibilidad y a conectar con las diferentes frecuencias vibratorias del Ser, esto es así ya que las altas frecuencias limpian y arrastran a las más bajas por eso es mucho más eficiente un abordaje de alta frecuencia es decir Sutil. Ley física del  Arrastre.

¿Por qué entonces tenemos que acceder al nivel mental? Porque nuestra mente es la herramienta evolutiva de nuestra Consciencia.

El primer paso en el Método de Integración como sabemos los estudiantes, es convertirnos en el observador de nuestra propia mente. ¿Quién puede observar mi Mente? Por supuesto no mi propia Mente, es mi Consciencia. Estos procesos podemos describirlos así:

Desmaterialización del Pensamiento- Soy Energía, no soy Materia.

Despolarirazación– Todo es Neutro, no positivo o negativo.

Despersonalización– Yo soy mi Universo, nada es personal contra mí.

Cuando los estudiantes nos encontramos en este punto del Proceso de Integración normalmente hemos transcendido los síntomas físicos y vivimos en un apasionante viaje de Autodescubrimiento.  Copyrigth 2018, Veronica Endevini.

Risky Questions

There are experiences that bring out our character, within we feel very vulnerable because we have no previous referents, they get out of the script we know and present us with new situations that lead us to experience parts of us that were unknown.

They demand a profound revision, a purification of our personality that is here to serve our Being in the evolutionary process. By understanding that is that Superior part of us, that generates these situations, it helps me.

Our personality can only defend, attack or justify and loves to resist what happens convincing us that we have to flight or fight for the power.

I am so imaginative and romantic, I love incredible stories and I tend to understand what I want; That is why I learned to ask questions but precisely those questions that my personality would never ask so what she wants is always to achieve something.

People who do not know their power they lie their selves, and never dare to ask what their character does not want to be known. When you ask what your personality would never ask, you risk totally to the answer you do not like, even to increase the uncertainty.

But these questions that feel like a big leap into the void with a parachute of dubious quality will help you to get to know you much more deeply. You will relearn yourself, in a new way.

Ask the questions that your character would never dare to do and discover yourself in a new, more integrated autonomous version of yourself. But never forget as he requires to take care of your Heart. 

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You are always expressing your level of Awareness

One of our greatest desires is at the same time one of our greatest fears, we fear the true Intimacy that supposes total trust  in what apparently is another person but at the same time we fear the dissolution of our Being in the other, that is to say to lose our identity, the first is a longing for fusion that responds to what we are Unity-Consciousness and the second responds to the will and desire to continue experiencing us as a character which is necessary and essential to continue in this experience  at the third dimension.

The evolutionary challenge in the Integration of Consciousness is to develop the capacity to continue building an pulling an identity as an instrument of our Soul, that still requires this process and to learn to create bonds of affection from Unity taking into account the Person in a continuous exercise of Integration of the parts of the Whole Being.

The first step for Conscious Communication is to validate the other person’s perception, even if we do not share it, that differentiates a very well integrated personality from one that still needs to defend or justify itself through Separation, it is a big difference.

What we do from the Integration Method is to always speak for us by knowing is all our perception or perspective and it does not have to be that of the other person.  We fully pay attention to taking cares emotionally and not invalidating the perception of the other person, Take this out!

A subtle and very widespread way of invalidation is to drop or indirectly say that the perception of the other person is not correct or is just their imagination, when in fact we are all absolutely perceiving and every perception is valid and an illusion at the same time, there you can observe the level of emotional care and empathy, that a person has been able to develop. We will talk in another article about what is Discernment.

In any case, Just remember that we all do the best we know at all times. Big Love from me to you.

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New Presentation

I feel so happy and excited because I am going to present for the first time for an amazing group of people at Le Salon of Theories, “The Conscious Evolution Project”, on Saturday 21th of April in Dublin.





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