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Inner Child introduction

Is living inside of our mind a little child that has been programmed, that child came here to this life with no conscious information about anything but Oneness. After the childbirth, it begins the projection and perception, those mechanisms of the Ego Mind. Gradually our child is going to create a concept of himself as an individual and a concept about the external reality, and all of those concepts are the configuration of our Belief Systems.

These Beliefs are the filter thru that child is going to project and perceive the reality, they are going to determine what is; Possible, Impossible, Necessary or Unnecessary for our Child.

When a certain Thought is telling us that life event is not possible for us; then we are being limited by an Inner Child belief that is installed in our subconscious mind. Do you know your Inner Child beliefs?

Many time we become stuck in life by creating those dysfunctional situations, again and again, we can not move forward because of those beliefs are generating the type of Thoughts that we sustain the majority of the time.

If we want to move forward, we have to change ourselves by becoming aware of all these Inner Child beliefs and patterns observing our own thoughts, being able to expand our perspective and growing up in Consciousness. 

In the Integration Journey, we learn how to recognise those beliefs and patterns and how to heal our Inner Child wounds, to create a new life from Inner Peace and Happiness.






Appreciation as a conscious tool is that capacity to show the other person that they mean to you that they are Important for you.

Let’s go for it, as children we create a personality, the self that it utilizes many mechanisms to feel the mean of appreciation that is what we all want to feel.  Adults are still being the same but we become aware in this Journey that is all about to appreciate ourselves first of all.  When we are falling into the trap of third-dimensional separation we project into someone our own beauty and we think that we have to do many things to get appreciation from them.

The Inner Child patterns are about action-reaction; the mind says- Ok, If I do this I get this reaction from mama, she is happy so we are learning self-appreciation from that action-reaction, we understand that is the way to give love and to feel appreciated by the other person. That pattern it can help us for many things in life, but the paradox is as we know life is an evolutionary process. Evolution it means change.

When our Being is asking for a significant change is that impulse of the evolution calling into action inside of us. We start to miss something, we don’t feel complete anymore from what we are creating outside. Normally we are afraid because the Higher Self is asking for a radical change actually that is what he likes, that is what he loves but our Character wants the opposite is trying for us to keep ourselves in the old pattern.

Many times we can become stuck in a situation because we are not feeling appreciation coming from someone that we care about but that feeling it can be created by the old concept that we used have about what is to be appreciated.

If we are growing thanks to this new situation the old pattern is not going to serve us anymore, we have to let to take place an inner revolution inside of us. We have to break our own chains. We have to try new ways that many times we are so scared of, but as they say- “No risk, No Gain”.

To grow up we need someone who confronts us, we need that situation that is telling us- “The old way is not going to work this time”, for us to realize that perhaps we have some inner work to do.

When we are stuck in a pattern we tend to think that we have to do weird things to be appreciated by others then we can become afraid of demonstrating what is really important for us. Because our Ego wants to feel special, wants to cause an impact and it complicates communication. 

Many times, we don’t even know how to tell someone that we Appreciate them, just by saying- “You are so important to me, I am here for you, I am happy for you to be in my life”; Simplicity is the Highest expression of Love.






Recognition is the action or process to acknowledge something in particular. This Consciousness Skill is the capacity to express the others that we can admit our mistakes, our shadows in general.

To develop this Skill which is wonderful we have to create the time in our daily life to review our behaviour and the events from the perspective of Evolution and evaluate if we were doing our best or we could improve something by recognising those patterns.

Our society, in general, it condemned the mistake as something negative as a quality of the looser, therefore the majority of people is hiding their mistakes from others. The mistake is one of the principal ways that we have to evolve, which is the reason to be here on this planet- Don’t you think that is all the other way around?!- I made a lot of mistakes in this life, thank God! They were my greatest masters.

Because of one mechanism which domain the Ego Mind “The Authority Law”, we approach interactions playing the boss or playing the sheep roll. By wearing many masks as well with the objective of not being hurt, invalidated, or rejected. The result is Recognition is not at the surface precisely. Recognition is about to be Humble is about to be aware that we are learning all the time and is the product to have been done a previous Process of Shadow Integration that it continues.

We all want to feel connected that’s why if we associate to recognise some failure as not being good enough for the others the resulting tendency is to avoid recognising those weak points.

Here is the paradox the more you are able to recognise your shadows from self-love the more you can recognise other people talents because we are reducing the distance from failing to win.

To lose and to win there are both parts of the journey of life both are fundamental both are worthy. Observing from this Holistic Perspective, we are Transforming the Ego Mind into the Universal Mind.






Gentleness is all about how to express our sweetness as a wonderful way to show our beauty which improves tremendously the connection with our true nature.

Personally, it took me time to uncover and express my Gentleness. Many years ago I have been studying “The Enneagram” and I find it an amazing personality develop that methodology. If you don’t know about Enneagram, I invite you to do some research.

In the Enneagram, I am the full expression of the Number 8. Number 8, is the “The Leader” because of our capacity of guiding others, our determination, our strength, our powerful presence, our embodiment. But here is the thing, number 8 as a child it used to be very sensitive usually an empath. To become aware of what is the love we have to experience a certain amount of suffering.

Because of our sensibility, our questions, our high perception, the materialistic Egos around us used to feel threatened and probably they used to attack us invalidating our perceptions. At that point the Inner Child of the number 8 as a strategy start to develop a strong armour creating a character who expresses Power, Strength, Intellect, Structure, Determination, Challenge, Fight, we are the greatest expression of “The Warrior” archetype.

This powerful warrior doesn’t want to show the others the Gentle Sweet beautiful child who is always looking for affection and caring and who loves sensitivity. Because in that way he can be attacked and hurt. This child is “The warrior” because is looking to be loved, and in a violent environment the fight for that child is the common expression to survive and to be loved.   

Number 8 to integrate and balance the personality has to show up his Gentleness and sweetness. The result is amazing because “The warrior” is still living within the number 8 but this time is going to be integrated with gentleness as that high sensitivity of the Empath, then it was born “The Wizard”.

Gentleness it helps us to create a real connection between our hearts and the beauty of Life;  At the end of the day is all that we want as Essential Beings. 




Creando Intimidad

Mi poder es mostrarte mi  vulnerabilidad

desde esa zona que puede ser dañada

aun sabiéndolo

de esta forma me estoy diciendo,

esto es valioso y digno de ser cuidado


Mi alta sensibilidad me hace capaz de poder ver

más allá de lo que te permites mostrar


de esta forma te estoy diciendo

Aquí, se te va a cuidar


Mi  profundidad me permite adentrarme

en lo más recóndito de tu interior


de esta forma me estoy haciendo,

una experta en tu Corazón  

pero no como lo hace la liana enredándolo

sino como lo hace la llama, Encendiéndolo…





I feel so happy to be able to write about respect nowadays from experience and self-respect which is as we know the beginning to respect others.

When someone in pain or sick asks to me and that happens many times- What is the best Technique or Discipline for me to choose? What is the difference between those techniques? I always answer the same- That is not the most important, the most relevant in any practitioner actually is not about their techniques but is all about their level of Consciousness which is going to determine their perception to the level of respect towards their patients.

Let’s dive into it; From Consciousness we are all the same Source or energy, when we live from this Paradigm we perceive other people as Energy, as Consciousness, as a Soul not as limited individual body who can be sick or ill, but we totally understand that they really feel pain or they really believe that they are sick but anyways we still perceiving them as powerful beings just temporarily no remembering who they are and their power.

That perception of Divine in anyone is the greatest Respect we can give to others. In our practice thanks to that Awareness is because people initiate a real healing process.

At the same time for the Evolution, everything is perfect and everyone is going to attract the right clients for them. But I would remark if we perceive the patient as a sick person, what we are doing is reinforcing their wrong poor perception of their selves, we are not really giving respect. Respect is about to perceive, think, and behave towards others in the same way as we would do towards ourselves.

When we are living from Consciousness we become natural healers because just our level of respect is the highest and high frequencies of thoughts sweep away the lower ones this is “the entrainment effect”.

That person who came to visit us starts to feel clearer in the mind. Their level of self-respect is going to increase in a tremendous way because we are being their best respectful reflexion. 





Commitment is a wonderful Skill, let’s start from the beginning. The true commitment it starts with ourselves, it is an intimate unique process until we are able to establish a real commitment to ourselves.

Many times we find ourselves living a life that is not connected with our truth that is because we didn’t discover our true self-jet, that it requires time and to make some mistakes to learn from them. Once we are connected with the kind of life that we really want to experience and again everyone is different at that point it is very important to establish a very strong commitment to our journey.

Many times we can be confused, we can be obtained bud results out there, normally that is because we didn’t clear our mind of contradictory or limited belief systems. In particular we can forget the evolutionary purpose of life creating our agenda based on those beliefs and we cannot find satisfaction because our Soul has completely different plan for us, sometimes we have no other way than to pass thru the suffering experience but other times we can save time and suffering going to a Consciousness mentor which made those mistakes before to guide us an assist us in the best way…

Fear of commitment is coming from the ignorance about how it works the dynamic of creating our lives from the Universal perspective; it is about being afraid of not getting the expected result or not being good enough in any aspect of life.

We know already that our Free Will it consist in to propose and optimize ourselves to improve the quality of our thoughts, but at the same time we don’t know the outcome, therefore, we have to let the Universe to provide the best for us and actually that is exactly what happens. Here is the thing, if our plans are connected with our Soul evolutionary planning and the Universe will it will work but if it is not, just forget about it!! We have our body to feel sensations if something is not working and we can observe the results to check that fact, is just a matter of practice. Copyrigth2018. VeronicaEndevini

Consciusness Skills



El Sueño

El otro día me desperté de una pesadilla y me encontré a mí misma en mitad de un sueño, caminaba por un bosque con plantas extrañas y lleno de especies que no conocía, que nunca había visto antes.

Me di cuenta de que había perdido mis armas  y se me había caído la armadura, estaba totalmente a merced del incierto camino entre lo que parecían ser árboles. Me sentí totalmente vulnerable pero una fuerza me empujaba hacia adelante y no podía volver atrás… Comencé a buscar algo que me fuera conocido, algo familiar y no lo encontré solamente el bosque y mi silueta vista desde arriba. 

Seguí caminando muy despacio y por el camino como tenía sed bebí agua de colores y comí plantas con sabores indescriptibles.

De repente, llegue a un cruce de caminos y me quede clavada por un tiempo sin saber cuál de ellos tomar; Hasta que una luz me envolvió e ilumino ambos caminos y me hizo comprender que daba igual, porque lo que estaba haciendo era aprender a caminar sin la defensa de mis antiguas armas y sin la protección de mi oxidada armadura. Había despertado dentro de un sueño que seguía un guíon nuevo, que no me había preparado y en el cual aún quedaba todo por descubrir.      


El Sueño




Consciousness Skill to manage the information is related to all of the others tools because we are energetic information at different levels of vibration.

The amount of information that we contain within us is going to depend on our level of Awareness. Our task in the evolutionary process is to develop the capacity to distinguish between the information that it helps us to grow to the one that it can be neutral or even detrimental to our process.

Once we collect a certain amount of experience or integrated information about universal truths our challenge is going to be how to manage that information.

The interactions with other people are going to challenge us in how and when we have to provide certain information and this Skill is fundamental to fully develop.

There is a universal law which says “Always say only what is necessary”, this is so interesting universe instruction to discuss about. We can ask ourselves-How do I manage the information that I know?

For example, this happens to all of us when we are so passionate about certain subject that we collect a lot of information about, and when we are with someone at different state of awareness we cannot go crazy trying to provide them with all, because that person can be not ready to understand therefore we are not helping them, on the contrary, we can be harming them, in that case, some prudence can be the best to apply.

On the other hand, we have to be very careful of not falling into the trap of getting extra benefits thanks to the way that we manage the information. If someone is asking us for some information and we denied that again and again, we are no helping the other person at all that is to be denning the information when is required especially when later on is going to be known that we did have that information.

It is our privilege to have access to precious information; the challenge is being able to balance an attitude of generosity and prudence at the same time, such an amazing combination!! Copyrigth2018.VeronicaEndevini