My type of Thoughts will determine my state of health and my quality of life.

We generate 60.000 Thoughts a day 95% of those thoughts we are not aware they come from the subconscious Programmed mind.

As children, we have been programmed at mind level from 0 to 12 years from experiences related to our family, school education, religion, political tendency, cultural identity our country and so on.

The Ego Mind has the main purpose of survival, it operates at a very low level of frequency, predominantly it generates Fear which is behind all our negative feelings.

When we feel Anxiety or high levels of Stress we are trapped into the Survival mode in an overactive busy mind, because those obsessive Thoughts are trying to convince us that we need something or someone and we are in risk because of that necessity. What we do then is to practice Acceptance by understanding why I am generating and attracting those Thoughts.