The Integration Method

The Integration Method is a deep self-discovery journey with the main objective of obtaining Inner Peace, Freedom and real Happiness for your life.

This Consciousness Evolutionary process approach it considers the person as a student, not as a patient because the objective of the Integration Process is to teach the Tools for the student to become his own Healer and his own Master.

Is composed of my own therapeutic methodology for personal and transpersonal development which is based on my clinical practice and my own life experience.

Integration Methodology It combines the practical application of ancient spiritual teachings as “Becoming the observer of your own Mind” with the study of the New Consciousness Physics Science, in this way we integrate the cognitive linear learning process of our analytical mind with the development of our abstract intuitive Mind. 

This educational approach was created to be applied in a very clear, simple and practical way.  The primary objective of the Integration Process is to gain a deep Understanding of ourselves to improve our Inner State, therefore, every aspect of our Life.