“Teresa”, Estudiante del Método de Integración. 

El motivo por el cual fuí a ver a Verónica es porque toda la vida tuve problemas intestinales y desde que llegué a Irlanda, comencé con una reacción alérgica en la piel. Y siempre recurrí a la medicina tradicional. Doctores me hacían un estudio tras otro y solo adjudicaban mi problema al estrés. Me medicaban, resolvían el problema a corto plazo, para después empezar el circulo vicioso de nuevo.

Cuando llegué al consultorio de Verónica, lo primero que me dijo es que dejara el gluten, los lácteos y que hiciera un cambio en mi dieta, incluyendo más frutas y verduras. Con eso y un par de sesiones de Osteopatía, mi problema intestinal estaba casi resuelto. Sin medicinas.

Como lo de la reacción alérgica no presentaba mejoras, decidimos empezar con el Método de Integración, y si bien es un viaje que recién comienzo, la reacción en mi piel disminuyó al igual que lo hizo mi Ansiedad.
Creo que me queda mucho por aprender, pero si de algo estoy segura es que haberme cruzado con Verónica, mejoró mi calidad de vida en muchos aspectos. Pero sobre todo, generó mas Consciencia en mí. Teresa.


“Hélène” Integration Student. Profession, Marketing& Sales

I have been seeing Veronica for a year and it’s been an amazing journey of self-discovery. Part of this journey has been applying different frameworks Veronica developed to shift from subconscious to consciousness. Everything we worked on is based on the belief that mind and body are interconnected and that we cannot look at those as independent entities. Veronica is also very pragmatic and her approach is very practical. She gave me the tools to dig into some of the root causes of a 5 months’ illness while traditional GPs kept on telling me I was fine – while I was not.

This clarity and awareness of underlying thoughts and emotions make it all much easier. This journey is only starting and I really believe this is a life-long adventure, I am very lucky I found such an amazing coach to kick start! Thank you, Hélèn


“Tracy ” Integration student. Profession, Lawyer 

Meeting Veronica has changed my life I walked into her practice barely able to cope with severe back pain and new I walked out with amended health and a freezer soul. She is the first professional who truly hears and sees me. Everyone else focused on the physical but Veronica sees the truth. My body and my physical pain were the maps of my emotional trauma of unhappiness.

I began Integration the consciousness coaching without hesitation. And guess what? My crippling physical pain is driven by luck of self-love, self-belief, and self-appreciation. Veronica is helping me to see my true strength, amazingness and my female beauty.   

It is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. She is teaching me the way to live a life full of love. Hope was something that I had very little before meeting Veronica. Now it is my reality. I have known more happiness in the last two months than in the last twenty years. And the world is an easier place now. Finally meeting someone who gets me, who is not afraid to tell me to take responsibility for my life and happiness, is so refreshing. I spent years in therapy going over and over with my troubles and my pain. But I was living in the past. Veronica has sowed me the path for the future. And it looks Magical.

“Natalia ” Integration student. Research & Development in Biomedical Sciences.
I first approached Veronica’s practice to get osteopathic treatment for a spinal disc herniation that had been causing me neck pain and migraines for the past 3 years. Only after 3 sessions, I was feeling much better but the real improvement came when Veronica introduced me to the Integration method. With her guidance, I was able to gain consciousness of the emotions that I was not being able to process and that were contributing to chronic muscle tension and anxiety. In the process, we worked together to uncover and disassemble those discursive thoughts and behavioural patterns which were having a negative effect on my health and life.
Veronica’s coaching skills are remarkable and she helped me to bring consciousness and body together which resulted in immediate and permanent improvement of my condition. In 12 sessions I regained full mobility of my neck, the pain was gone and I felt more energetic.
I was able to exercise, I felt more relaxed and the quality of my sleep improved significantly. The osteopathic treatment combined with the Integration method has been the only treatment to achieve complete recovery. Moreover, the new concepts that I integrated into this process became empowerment tool which allowed me to identify and change negative beliefs and release my limitations to develop a more harmonious, peaceful, and creative relationship with myself and my reality, achieving a permanent state of optimum health and a more balanced life. Thank you, Veronica, for guiding me through this amazing journey!

“Laura” Integration student.  Profession, Transport Administrative
My name is Laura. I arrived in Dublin from France 10 month ago. I looked for an osteopath because I was suffering from back and neck pain since I was a child and it was getting worst despite the osteopaths I used to see.
I found Veronica at random. She first healed my body, it was an amazing relief, then she introduced me Integration process and meditation to make it last. It was definitely what I needed. I can say now that I have never been that well in my life.”