Integral Being


To be able to serve others we have to follow intentionally the tendency of gaining 100% Capacity of Service.  This tendency it is possible to the extent that we are acquiring 0% of Reactivity, 0% of Suffering, 0% of Resistance.

If we are in the journey of creating relationships based on Consciousness awareness, the question that we can ask ourselves would be: How can I serve this person in the best way?  I am experiencing nowadays how to do it, actually by giving up our own agenda, which is a process and we are going to make mistakes just to learn how to be able to do it. Remeber we are the only ones who can decide if it was a mistake by doing a constant revision of our Consciousness Tools applications.

Once we are on this journey many people in our environment is not at our current level or state jet and that is precisely one of the obstacles that we have to pass thru. Many times when telling them our issues they will feed our Ego instead of inviting us to focus on our Soul Evolution which is actually my assignment. If you are reading this today you will understand this subject so we are on the same page.

Our life is going to generate that challenging experience for us to lose our capacity of service and that is going to be the trigger point to become aware what tendency was not the optimal in that interaction: Reactivity?, Suffering?, Resistance?

Pay attention to don’t fall into the trap of Separation thinking that we are serving or helping other people for real because one drop can not separately be in the service of the Ocean because it is the Ocean itself; I am my life so when I serve you I serve myself, never expect anything in return from our service; that is the Universe task is not ours. That attitude is based on the ignorance of the Universal dynamic, which indicates that everything we put out there is coming back, but as human beings, we don’t have to know how and when is meant to come back to our experience that is precisely Evolution about. Copyrigth2018.VeronicaEndevini  




Consciusness Tools

We know that the Objective of life from Consciousness is for us to learn, to evolve from any situation but I realized that many times we find ourselves asking the right questions but it can be hard to find the answers because we have no previous experience although no reference so we don’t know what exactly could be the learning behind from Consciousness perspective. What we do in those cases is to ask ourselves later on- What was the learning in that experience?  And this is correct, but here I want to give you the right answers to those questions.

I am going to give you a list of the Skills that we have to develop 100% to utilize them as Consciousness Tools in any situation.  Consciousness tools: 


Observe yourself in that scenario and from complete honesty answer these questions:

In that specific situation, which of these tools I could improve substantially? Did I forget any of them?

Now you have this list for the next time that you find yourself in that situation with a certain level of insecurity because of the unknown. You can choose some of these tools to apply.