Integral Being


Commitment is a wonderful Skill, let’s start from the beginning. The true commitment it starts with ourselves, it is an intimate unique process until we are able to establish a real commitment to ourselves.

Many times we find ourselves living a life that is not connected with our truth that is because we didn’t discover our true self-jet, that it requires time and to make some mistakes to learn from them. Once we are connected with the kind of life that we really want to experience and again everyone is different at that point it is very important to establish a very strong commitment to our journey.

Many times we can be confused, we can be obtained bud results out there, normally that is because we didn’t clear our mind of contradictory or limited belief systems. In particular we can forget the evolutionary purpose of life creating our agenda based on those beliefs and we cannot find satisfaction because our Soul has completely different plan for us, sometimes we have no other way than to pass thru the suffering experience but other times we can save time and suffering going to a Consciousness mentor which made those mistakes before to guide us an assist us in the best way…

Fear of commitment is coming from the ignorance about how it works the dynamic of creating our lives from the Universal perspective; it is about being afraid of not getting the expected result or not being good enough in any aspect of life.

We know already that our Free Will it consist in to propose and optimize ourselves to improve the quality of our thoughts, but at the same time we don’t know the outcome, therefore, we have to let the Universe to provide the best for us and actually that is exactly what happens. Here is the thing, if our plans are connected with our Soul evolutionary planning and the Universe will it will work but if it is not, just forget about it!! We have our body to feel sensations if something is not working and we can observe the results to check that fact, is just a matter of practice. Copyrigth2018. VeronicaEndevini

Consciusness Skills




Consciousness Skill to manage the information is related to all of the others tools because we are energetic information at different levels of vibration.

The amount of information that we contain within us is going to depend on our level of Awareness. Our task in the evolutionary process is to develop the capacity to distinguish between the information that it helps us to grow to the one that it can be neutral or even detrimental to our process.

Once we collect a certain amount of experience or integrated information about universal truths our challenge is going to be how to manage that information.

The interactions with other people are going to challenge us in how and when we have to provide certain information and this Skill is fundamental to fully develop.

There is a universal law which says “Always say only what is necessary”, this is so interesting universe instruction to discuss about. We can ask ourselves-How do I manage the information that I know?

For example, this happens to all of us when we are so passionate about certain subject that we collect a lot of information about, and when we are with someone at different state of awareness we cannot go crazy trying to provide them with all, because that person can be not ready to understand therefore we are not helping them, on the contrary, we can be harming them, in that case, some prudence can be the best to apply.

On the other hand, we have to be very careful of not falling into the trap of getting extra benefits thanks to the way that we manage the information. If someone is asking us for some information and we denied that again and again, we are no helping the other person at all that is to be denning the information when is required especially when later on is going to be known that we did have that information.

It is our privilege to have access to precious information; the challenge is being able to balance an attitude of generosity and prudence at the same time, such an amazing combination!! Copyrigth2018.VeronicaEndevini



Reflection Consciousness Skill is about to realize even when nobody told us before, that life is something that is taking place in our experience as Consciousness for us to review ourselves, for us to question ourselves, for us to observe ourselves.

Reflection is a talent that we can improve substantially with our personal and transpersonal work.  At a certain point, we realize it is thanks to this capacity that we can get the learnings that we came here to this life to Integrate.

Reflection Consciousness tool, it requires for us to take the time to be with ourselves, for us to enjoy the process of self-reflection. To improve our reflection capacity we have to work intentionally by creating that space within our lives to be in reflection.

Early in our evolutionary process, we used to think that we were reflecting on our behaviour and about other people’s separated and apart from us, that is the stage of creating The Self.

When we wake up spiritually we start to perceive the external reality as an extension of ours. We require even more time of self- reflection because we realize how important and worthy this habit is. The space of self-reflection consists in an Integration of the learnings coming from our Life, coming from the Universe.  When we develop a high capacity of self-reflection we know that everything is here to assist us in our evolutionary process then is when we are able to ask ourselves the right questions.

Thanks to the act of Self-reflection we can play to jump from a world that is obsolete and outdated to another full of innovative and wonderful experiences. 




We develop Conscious communication ability with others after to be able to establish a deep connection with ourselves.

Deep connection with ourselves is coming from a space of letting go of any thought about overcontrol or security obsession and we can detect those because of the way we feel, when you are telling yourself a history that is far from your highest truth you feel restless you can have also physically uncomfortable symptoms.   

We are all the same the Source but at the same time as individuals, we are all different we know that so we don’t need the same type of communication at every moment of our evolutionary process. The more intimacy we create with ourselves the more authentic is our requirement in communication with others and then we can see clearly the level of Authenticity in someone; actually, that is is one of the qualities that I find irresistible.

A real good conscious communicator is someone who is able to see beyond the veils. We can see for real the being that is talking to us in that interaction, the objective is going to express exactly what we want but in the way that the other person can understand our message and you will prove that by observing the result after that interaction. We can settle a conscious intention to interact.

The wider is our perspective the bigger is our capacity to communicate with others. The great master of communication is actually our heart. Once you are able to listen to your heart without fear you can listen to the other people’s heart; that’s the most authentic communication. Because if we tune with the heart frequency of the other person we intentionally can create a space to contain their emotions from neutrality, from acceptance, and understanding, from that point the highest level of Communication is guaranteed.  





The Consciousness Skill of supporting others is so important and precious tool. We all need to feel Support by the people we love. Support is the capacity to be there for someone you love unconditionally.

Let’s dive into loving relationships support Skill. To create unconditionally support in a relationship we have to generate within us the capacity to give that support but to receive it as well, otherwise, the current of energy is not flowing.

As we know everything it starts in our childhood. If we grew up not feeling support by our parents, we didn’t learn what support is about or even worst we can grow up with a self-centered mother or father than on the contrary to make us feel supporting they used to demand for us to support them, then we are  learning that in a loving relationship we don’t have the right to be supported for who we really are. If that connection between mother and a child it was really at the opposite way that child can generate panic against intimacy in relationships because he feels the risk of being totally drained he doesn’t know what’s the feeling of receiving unconditionally support, this is so common in our society.

Therefore in a relationship is the one who supports the other,  but he is not feeling support by the other person for who he really is, in that situation we can ask ourselves: I am expressing to my partner my real desires? I am expressing the things that I would like to that person do for me?

Anyways as everything; it depends on the perspective because if we had that type of parents and we do our profound personal work we become amazing self-supporters so we can teach others: healers, teachers, coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs and so on.

Remember for us to be supported by someone, we have to be able to ask what we need, what we would like, what are our dreams about. When we are doing that, we are helping the other person to know us, not in a demanding way but as an invitation. Remember from Consciousness when we are expressing our needs we are giving instructions to the Universe. We can build a solid Bridge between us to feel fully supported. 


Copyrigth2017. VeronicaEndevini




Understanding Consciousness tool frequently is the first one that we have to apply in a Conscious communication event. Understanding is the capacity to make feel the other person that first of all we validate their experience.

When we find ourselves in the commitment of guiding other people we have to be able of not losing ourselves along the path of Understanding this is the opposite of being attached to one character, for example, the Therapist or the Teacher, it is so convenient for the Soul journey to become flexible and being able to play different roles in life but maintaining our own essence, we gain flexibility and new experiences; at the same time we increase our Understanding Skills.

Understanding is to be able to see what is the role of that situation is asking us to play. We cannot learn and teach at the same way to everyone. To be brilliant in the application of Understanding we have to interact from Unity as equals in every single interaction.

If we position ourselves bellow or above the other person we are creating separation at different levels that makes impossible to apply Understanding efficiently.

If we position ourselves bellow someone we are in a space of self- invalidation, therefore, we cannot show affection and understanding. If we put ourselves above the other person we are doing their personal work we are missing our limits and probably the roles in that relationship are not well defined so we cannot be applying understanding. The real understanding application it requires that we validate our selves exactly at the same level than the other person independently of their state of Awareness. Copyrigth2018. VeronicaEndevini