Integral Being

The Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation allows the pre-existing to be manifested in all that which is created, from the subtlest to the densest. It forms the origins of every thought, every idea, every word and every work, and in general, of everything which exists or occurs.

Anything that did not already exist cannot be imagined, though, or believed. As part of the absolute and pre-existing information of the Universe, any process deemed “creation” is merely the result of the manifestation acting on polarity. It is not a new creation.

Evolution processes completed at inferior levels have a beginning and an end and they can be measured in time and space. However, beyond the tenth dimension, the past and the future, the before and the after, are seen simultaneously.


The Law of Manifestation



The Law of Love

Love is the Source of everything that transpires and understanding it frees us from all events.

When we follow and understand the Law of Love we are operating from The Universal Mind.

The Law of Love can be identified in everything that is eternal, perfect, pure, peaceful, joyful, harmonized and happy, regardless of anything else happening around it and of whether it clashes with an individual’s beliefs.

Love does not form part of the ideas, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and fears experienced by human beings, but rather refers to a pure understanding and permanent awareness.

Living in peace and joy is to live in Love. Respecting the experiences of others and being ready to serve them not subject to any conditions is to express Love in human relations.


The Law of Love



The Law of Polarity regulates the interaction between masculine and feminine poles in the Universe, makes it possible for the manifestation to materialize in what we call creation, causing movement, dynamism and universal evolution. This Law functions primarily through the attraction of opposites.

Because of our Belief Systems, we like certain things and we don’t like some others, once we are able to observe all of those preferences are completely subjective we are ready for the Awakening.

Following the Law of Polarity, we can find the answer for many of our deepest questions.  Masculine and Feminine give birth to new life; the smooth complements the rough; the soft the hard; the bright the dark; the difficult the easy; the long the brief; the tall the short; the action the result so according to the Polarity law life is an experience of the polarities being able to enjoy all the modalities between the poles that is the diversity that we are.

Many times we find ourselves in that situation where we are connected with a person who has completely different approach than we have and then it can be hard to manage. Could be a lack of understanding of the Polarity law because perhaps we are being overly in our polarity I mean too extreme in our behaviour and that is precisely why we attract that situation towards the Opposite. We can ask ourselves- What is being my polarity related to this situation? – Which can be the polarity of the other person?

Gaining the understanding of what is being your Polarity your extreme, you can improve that connection approaching closer to the Opposite side, and you will feel automatically more integrated. We are living in a particular intensive Universal training to do it. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini






The Law of Harmony is the integration of the parts of a whole in the state of Peace, which is necessary to maintain the divine order in any kind of relationship dynamics.

We have to put into practice the Law of Harmony to achieve our Integration Process. This it consists in transforms any Fear-attachment relationship of our life into Love-evolutionary relationship, and then we are engaging with the Law of Evolution that influences all the rest of the Universal laws.

Evolution it requires to be brutally honest with ourselves to be able to value our level of knowledge of the law of Harmony, it is very personal valuation nobody can measure your relationships quality by yourself; you have to pay attention at your level of conflict or level of mutual satisfaction.

I am going to give you a list of the Harmonious Attitudes that you can observe and put into practice to increase the level of Harmony in your relationships.

Harmonious Attitude = Obtained Result  


We can ask ourselves- Which of these Attitudes I can improve? I am applying the same level of Harmony to everyone? Why it is being hard for me to apply certain Harmonious attitude towards that specific person? 




Mother Nature

The Law of Nature it says that all the Universe designs are perfect the way they are, this law it works with a purpose of maintaining the procreation and depredation balance. This law is expressed in humans as Basic Instinct, this can be predominant when someone is a child or in a low level of Awareness; then everything it looks ok to satisfy that emergency.

But when we evolve thanks to the Personal development when starting to learn how to put the Instinct at the service of our reasoning, paying attention to the previous experiences, to be able to distinguish what is beneficial for us and what is not.  

Transpersonal development it consists in to distinguish very well what is the Instinct Impulses, what is about Reasoning Decisions than Intuitive Commands.

Let’s explain all of them:

Basic Instinct is coming with a feeling of emergency after being satisfied you always need more. It is commanding at the physical level of the Reptilian Brain and The Limbic System. It is spontaneous feeling with a sensation of emergency or an impulse.

Rational Process is directing of the Programming Mind Belief Systems, it is based as well on our Personal experiences in life. At the physical level, it is commanding by the left frontal side of the Brain. It is a reflexive process which is acting as a filter for the basic instincts.

Intuition, it is directing your Superior Mind or Higher Self it is beyond the Belief Systems, many times we just know is the truth but we don’t fully understand it yet. At a physical level, it is commanding by the right side of the Brain. The feeling is Certainty which generates Inner Peace.

Thanks to the Law of Nature we can experience the matter and ensure our evolutionary journey as spiritual beings on Planet Earth. Copyright2017. VeronicaEndevini


La Ley de La Naturaleza


The Results

We can measure our own level of Consciousness by observing the external results of our life, it is intimate personal observation. 

External results to value your level of Awareness,

  1. Relationships quality
  2. Level of Health
  3. Abundance of Resources
  4. Adaptability to the environment

A force may only be measured through the resistance of such force, that’s why at the beginning of life journey we have not those results we wish jet so we have to learn about how it functions this life game according to the Universal laws. We are going to develop and explain all of those subjects for you.

Remember, if we want to improve some results we have to apply a different formula to generate that new result, we have to do something completely different than we used to do before, I like to call this “Breaking the Mind Action”, then we can really expect a better result, or not, because we have to take the risk otherwise it is cheating it doesn’t work. If you don’t take the risk you are postponing your own evolutionary process. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini


The external Results