Integral Being

The Cosmic manifesting Laws

These seven laws explain how the manifestation dynamics of Consciousness function.

The Universal Mind or Quantum Field it is information-energy, that is in the form of waves-particles and it is the Consciousness itself that collapses the electron giving rise to our experience in the third dimension with a purpose always of creative evolution of the Being.

The Law of Intention- Attention

All Beings are endowed with manifesting power through their pure intention.

All Beings can manifest everything necessary for their creative evolution.

The manifestation takes place in the direction where the Being puts his mental attention.

The Law of Detachment

Every result to which the Being becomes attached is becoming far from being manifested. The Being must remain attentive and take the pertinent actions but not be attached to the result.

In this way, the Being respects the Law of pure potential that requires the manifestation to be dynamic and flowing and not to be enclosed in a single point.

The Law of Inertia

Everything in the universe occurs without effort.

Everything is a natural dynamic creation.

Everything flows without needing to force anything.

Each change and movement occur as a natural expansion of each Being.

The Law of Pure Potential

Any point of the Universe is endowed with an infinite potential of creation.

Any point of the Universe is Information and it is Possibility.

Creation occurs without pause and continuously.

The Law of Donation (give and receive)

The Universe regulates the balance of energy everywhere and at all times.

There where the increase is required and there where it is required decreases.

The Law of Karma

The Universe regulates the life of each Being in relation to that of other Beings.

All the actions of the Beings generate one or some consequences in the here and now.

The law of Dharma

Each Being is endowed with a unique talent through which he is able to show an optimal ability. This talent the Being does without any effort and with maximum pleasure. This activity expands the Being in a creative way. 


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The Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation allows the pre-existing to be manifested in all that which is created, from the subtlest to the densest. It forms the origins of every thought, every idea, every word and every work, and in general, of everything which exists or occurs.

Anything that did not already exist cannot be imagined, though, or believed. As part of the absolute and pre-existing information of the Universe, any process deemed “creation” is merely the result of the manifestation acting on polarity. It is not a new creation.

Evolution processes completed at inferior levels have a beginning and an end and they can be measured in time and space. However, beyond the tenth dimension, the past and the future, the before and the after, are seen simultaneously.


The Law of Manifestation



The Results

We can measure our own level of Consciousness by observing the external results of our life, it is intimate personal observation. 

External results to value your level of Awareness,

  1. Relationships quality
  2. Level of Health
  3. Abundance of Resources
  4. Adaptability to the environment

A force may only be measured through the resistance of such force, that’s why at the beginning of life journey we have not those results we wish jet so we have to learn about how it functions this life game according to the Universal laws. We are going to develop and explain all of those subjects for you.

Remember, if we want to improve some results we have to apply a different formula to generate that new result, we have to do something completely different than we used to do before, I like to call this “Breaking the Mind Action”, then we can really expect a better result, or not, because we have to take the risk otherwise it is cheating it doesn’t work. If you don’t take the risk you are postponing your own evolutionary process. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini


The external Results