Integral Being

The Law of Correspondence

Every situation is a learning experience.

Every circumstance is generated from within.

All events happen to whom they are meant to happen.

That which is necessary for personal growth will always be available (but not necessarily that which you want).

Only that which needs to happen will happen.

You are always in the mathematically appropriate place.

This Law governs the universal order. It determines the arrangement of time, space, location, acts and the function of all living beings. It controls everything that occurs and the specific characteristics and interactions between each experience to make way for the learning process. Only that which must occur does occur and nobody can experience something which was not meant for them.

Once the required levels of experience and the appropriate characteristics and locations for a certain function or learning process are in place, the Law of Correspondence produces the necessary circumstances so that what is meant to happen can manifest and occur. All human beings, without exception, are in the perfect place to learn exactly what brought them to the physical world. Human beings are always carrying out a dual-purpose in accordance with the Law of Correspondence: to learn and to teach.

When a person has nothing left to learn from the place and circumstances surrounding him, and when such person is not helping others in the same place and circumstances to learn, that person will move on to a new place with different circumstances, which will be appropriate and suitable, for continuing to develop his consciousness.

The Law of Correspondence is encoded in the mind of destiny —as individual experiences related to the personal need to learn— and in the mind of consciousness —as the capacity to teach and serve—.