Integral Being

The Cosmic manifesting Laws

These seven laws explain how the manifestation dynamics of Consciousness function.

The Universal Mind or Quantum Field it is information-energy, that is in the form of waves-particles and it is the Consciousness itself that collapses the electron giving rise to our experience in the third dimension with a purpose always of creative evolution of the Being.

The Law of Intention- Attention

All Beings are endowed with manifesting power through their pure intention.

All Beings can manifest everything necessary for their creative evolution.

The manifestation takes place in the direction where the Being puts his mental attention.

The Law of Detachment

Every result to which the Being becomes attached is becoming far from being manifested. The Being must remain attentive and take the pertinent actions but not be attached to the result.

In this way, the Being respects the Law of pure potential that requires the manifestation to be dynamic and flowing and not to be enclosed in a single point.

The Law of Inertia

Everything in the universe occurs without effort.

Everything is a natural dynamic creation.

Everything flows without needing to force anything.

Each change and movement occur as a natural expansion of each Being.

The Law of Pure Potential

Any point of the Universe is endowed with an infinite potential of creation.

Any point of the Universe is Information and it is Possibility.

Creation occurs without pause and continuously.

The Law of Donation (give and receive)

The Universe regulates the balance of energy everywhere and at all times.

There where the increase is required and there where it is required decreases.

The Law of Karma

The Universe regulates the life of each Being in relation to that of other Beings.

All the actions of the Beings generate one or some consequences in the here and now.

The law of Dharma

Each Being is endowed with a unique talent through which he is able to show an optimal ability. This talent the Being does without any effort and with maximum pleasure. This activity expands the Being in a creative way. 


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The Law of Nature

All natural manifestations require proper conditions.

All natural cycles have specific functions.

All violations of the Law incur the relevant consequences.

All living organisms need proper nourishment for survival.

All living organisms are aware of this Law at an instinctive level. All living organisms have a specific function.

The Law of Nature is horizontal and unfolds at the level with the densest vibrations (the material world). It cannot operate vertically on the other laws; it manifests through the four material kingdoms mineral, plant, animal and human.

Violations of the Law of Nature provoke, among other things, sickness, malformations, hereditary defects, weakened immune systems and infections.

The Law of Nature operates when individual instincts are followed, which are a form of “mind” of nature. Instinct is the basic natural human behaviour controlled by a part of the brain called the reptilian brain (limbic system).

Basic instinctive functions include procreation (mating) and the maintenance (goods, desires) and defence (survival) of life.



The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony is the integration of the parts of a whole, and of the whole into a superior body.

The world responds to and gives back everything that you put out.

Only understanding ensures that destruction will not be possible.

All that which is attacked defends itself.

Events should be controlled; people should not be controlled by events.

The best teacher is learning by example.

This Law manifests in everything that co-exists without destruction. It can be seen in the interactions of different species and the establishment of the cycles of the Universe as well as in tolerance, socialization and any other event where energy seeks equilibrium.

The key technique for Harmony is respect, which is expressed by accepting and supplementing personal experiences with those of others.




The Law of Correspondence

Every situation is a learning experience.

Every circumstance is generated from within.

All events happen to whom they are meant to happen.

That which is necessary for personal growth will always be available (but not necessarily that which you want).

Only that which needs to happen will happen.

You are always in the mathematically appropriate place.

This Law governs the universal order. It determines the arrangement of time, space, location, acts and the function of all living beings. It controls everything that occurs and the specific characteristics and interactions between each experience to make way for the learning process. Only that which must occur does occur and nobody can experience something which was not meant for them.

Once the required levels of experience and the appropriate characteristics and locations for a certain function or learning process are in place, the Law of Correspondence produces the necessary circumstances so that what is meant to happen can manifest and occur. All human beings, without exception, are in the perfect place to learn exactly what brought them to the physical world. Human beings are always carrying out a dual-purpose in accordance with the Law of Correspondence: to learn and to teach.

When a person has nothing left to learn from the place and circumstances surrounding him, and when such person is not helping others in the same place and circumstances to learn, that person will move on to a new place with different circumstances, which will be appropriate and suitable, for continuing to develop his consciousness.

The Law of Correspondence is encoded in the mind of destiny —as individual experiences related to the personal need to learn— and in the mind of consciousness —as the capacity to teach and serve—.



The Law of Evolution

Experience alone will open the way for a full understanding of the truth.

Human beings are confronted only by those situations which are necessary for understanding and transcendence.

Individual levels of consciousness increase only through proper transformation.

The soul’s need to learn and understand, in accordance with the Universe’s evolutionary plan, is the sole reason for the physical existence of human beings.

The Law of Evolution determines which learning processes the individual must go through. It manifests in difficult situations, in all that which is interpreted as a problem, in the unpleasant and recurring circumstances which are faced, and in suffering in general, which is nothing more than mental resistance to what “Is”.

Resisting the Law does not serve to resolve problems, but it is useful in that it brings limitations to light.


The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity controls the interaction between masculine and feminine poles in the Universe, from divine creation to the most complex matter, passing through spiritual, human, animal, plant, mineral and atomic levels of the Universe.

This Law functions primarily through the attraction of opposites. The proton and the electron are attracted to each other and create atoms; masculine and feminine give birth to new life; the smooth complements the rough; the soft the hard; the bright the dark; the difficult the easy; the long the brief; the tall the short; the action the result.

The Law of Polarity gives rise to diversity and interactions that produce the experiences needed to understand the Universe and the perfect laws that govern it.


The law of Polarity