Integral Being

Inner Child introduction

Is living inside of our mind a little child that has been programmed, that child came here to this life with no conscious information about anything but Oneness. After the childbirth, it begins the projection and perception, those mechanisms of the Ego Mind. Gradually our child is going to create a concept of himself as an individual and a concept about the external reality, and all of those concepts are the configuration of our Belief Systems.

These Beliefs are the filter thru that child is going to project and perceive the reality, they are going to determine what is; Possible, Impossible, Necessary or Unnecessary for our Child.

When a certain Thought is telling us that life event is not possible for us; then we are being limited by an Inner Child belief that is installed in our subconscious mind. Do you know your Inner Child beliefs?

Many time we become stuck in life by creating those dysfunctional situations, again and again, we can not move forward because of those beliefs are generating the type of Thoughts that we sustain the majority of the time.

If we want to move forward, we have to change ourselves by becoming aware of all these Inner Child beliefs and patterns observing our own thoughts, being able to expand our perspective and growing up in Consciousness. 

In the Integration Journey, we learn how to recognise those beliefs and patterns and how to heal our Inner Child wounds, to create a new life from Inner Peace and Happiness.