The real purpose for our Soul to come here is for us to Evolve. There are three mainstays on which we base our evolutionary process.

The first mainstay is to be able to discern the true Information for us; we do that by making mistakes from The Ego Mind at the beginning, later on, we develop our Super Conscious Mind.

The second mainstay it consists of the application of that information by putting into Practice in our life, basically becoming that Information ourselves.

The third mainstay it is the arrangement and management of the Energy in an optimal way.

I recommend following that Information that it helps us to increase substantially our real Understanding which is the one to make you feel at Peace only then is when we know that we fully understand.

We have to pay attention because many pages can be written but not all of them are going to resonate with our Heart as beautiful Signals.  

Applying that new information in our daily life we will see amazing changes. If we follow these simple steps we feel immediately an increment of our Vital Energy.