The practice of Conscious Love

The Integration Process is the integration of the different parts that we are as Integral Beings. I am Consciousness, I am Love, I am Oneness and I can reach the Universal Mind perspective when I perceive life as a Soul.

At the same time, I am a woman that is a part of The Ego-Mind, so the woman has feelings, desires, dreams, expectations, some experience… Because at the Soul level we are not divided into genders, so is helpful to approach issues operating as a Soul because we automatically transcend suffering. But if we are here is because we have things to learn by being a woman or a man. Our interactions are a source of experience a deep yearning of The Universe. 

Here I present you the 5 A’s which are the integration of love, respect, security, and support. In addition, they form the essence of spiritual practice that we cultivate in meditation and the path of service. They are the components of the healthy, individuated Woman&Men Egos.


Conscious Attention means to fully focus my attention on you, not everyone else at the same time. It means sensitivity to your needs and feelings. It means to  don’t project my shadow into you and when I am paying attention to you I contain you I am able to integrate yourself  into my Being, in that way I can offer to you the same grade of interest an passion that I feel towards me because I am feeling you as a part of my Self.

If I am an adult in relationship to get my full attention you just have to ask for it in a simple an direct way and I will be there for you unconditionally.


The quality of an adult relationship it depends on the level of Intimacy that both persons can create and cultivate together. Acceptance is the main door for us to feel safe and to trust to one another to create and cultivate true Intimacy.

Conscious Acceptance is about to transcend the Ego Mind agenda by holding you no matter what is going on because first of all, “I Accept” then automatically I generate the perfect atmosphere for you to feel safe, secure, and loving from me “exactly the way you are”. Later on, we calibrate if we still choosing that person to be our partner or to be very close to us but to accept that Being 100%. Acceptance is a state of pure mindfulness.


Appreciation dives deep into acceptance “I admire you; I delight in you; I prize you; I respect you; I believe in you. I appreciate you as unique.” To stimulate our personal growth we provide mutual encouragement.

Mutual appreciation is the result of the interaction between two people who represents the best reflexion to each other is something that emerges in a  natural way. Conscious Appreciation is the catalyst in a relationship to create something bigger, for expansion and personal growth as well as spiritual development.  


To give and receive love is our primary need. We express love emotionally, spiritually, and physically. An affectionate touch or hug from someone who really loves us can penetrate our bodies and restore our souls. All our fears, no matter how deep, can be erased by a single loving caress.

Most of us know just what it takes for us to feel loved. What we have to learn is how to ask for it. “A partner is not a mind-reader”, so it is up to each of us to tell our partner what our brand of love is. And if we have to teach our partner how to love us, we also have to learn how to love him.

Affection refers to closeness both on the physical and on the feeling level. Physically, it includes the spectrum of touch, from holding to sex.

Affection is also a quality of feeling. In this respect, it includes kindliness, considerateness, thoughtfulness, playfulness, and romantic gestures like giving flowers or remembering special details. Affection it only flows if you really like someone.

We receive real affection when someone is committed to being beside us often, this does not mean constant cohabitation but reliable availability.

The need for affection is fulfilled when you are loved unconditionally all the time and genuinely liked most of the time. This loving and liking are demonstrated both verbally and physically.


Healthy Ego-Mind in adults, it requires flexibility. All needs are best fulfilled in an atmosphere of joy and understanding.

The conscious practice of allowing it consist of being able to make agreements when we are acting as a woman or a man that they still having schedules in a healthy way. Then we put into practice the Consciousness Tools to be able to make the best agreements for both parts.

True allowing also means to let someones go. To allow is to stand aside when someone needs space from us or even leaves us. Because someone who really loves you is the one who allows you even when you are not aware that they are doing so. Until one morning like a little child, you wake up and realize that you are been loved in a way, that you never imagined.  


The Practice of  Conscious Love

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