Calm as Consciousness Skill is to be in that state of Inner peace consistently. This inner state in calmness it is the consequence of the type of thoughts that your mental body is managing. Calm is the result of a deep understanding of who we are and life itself.

These days we passed an immense Storm called Emma all over the country where I currently live in. In my house, we had an incident and it was no electricity almost for three days, in a place which depends 100% on electricity as the exclusive source of energy including heating. The news where uncertain telling us that electricity was coming back in a couple of hours, later on, another couple of hours… finally, it was closer than three days.

On the second night it was Friday “red alarm we could not go outside” I was in bed trying to preserve the warmth of my body. Then the Land Lord came with a light in hand he looked exhausted and said to me – I am so sorry Veronica, but they say the electric power is not coming back until tomorrow. I could hear the terrible sound of the storm outside coming through the main door that was open, “At that instant, I had that recurrent feeling of being In Dreams”.

At that point I had no heating, no food, no mobile connection and my period just came, it was like to be inside of a fridge literally. Then I went to bed, and I have to say that I was concerning for my health and my physical state, but at the same time I was Calm because I know nowadays that “Things always work out”.

Many Survival thoughts came into my Mind and I didn’t want to break down; So what I did it was deliberately to focus my attention into my Heart which is the higher brain, I started to feel my heart beating and I was repainting to myself “I am here for you unconditionally”, my Calm surprisingly was still being there.

I slept well because after 2 days I was exhausted to be dealing with the extreme cold. At the next morning I went downstairs to check if my neighbour was still being alive so she was, then I went to The Cafe, where I could charge my phone to contact my friends who they fed me and they took care of me.Thank you, I love you guys.

But that was not the end of the story many things happened later on but my surprise was that the Calmness was still being there and I could manage all the next events from my Inner peace and Calmness.     

The real Calm is coming from the awareness and certainty that no matter how extreme conditions you are going through, that “The Universe conspires to help you if you Trust and you will be even wiser once the storm is gone”.

My inner state of Calm and Peace is my gift, that is here with the main purpose of assisting others in these intensive times of transformation and evolution for all of us.



CopyRigth2018.Veronica Endevini