Ego Mind addictive-traps

To free us from The Ego Mind addictive traps, we have to know which are them and to understand how they work.

The Separation Illusion

The Ego Mind as we know has the main purpose of the survival of our physical body in the 3th-dimensional experience; to assure the full experience it operates by our reptilian brain so assuring it, that the centre of Fear within the medulla is activated.

The purpose of this modality is that perception of ourselves as a matter or physical bodies and the world as material objects separated from us, affected and depending on the mechanical forces interactions, the consequence is that we cannot see the whole picture, “we always create fragmentation”.

When we are in the illusory trap of Separation we have to fight to survive so many times we have to flight by running away. We survive in a “predatory modality”, with all that Fear and Anxiety that supposed to be an addict of that Ego illusory perception.  

The Time-Space Trap

The Ego Mind is a 3th-dimensional modus operandi so it requires for us to perceive the time and space in a very slow way and that causes the linear perception of time.

The higher the frequency the faster is the vibration so it contains more Information and the time it tends to zero because there is no separation there is no such a thing as space between objects. 

The consequence of this condition is that The Ego Mind it is constantly operating in the past or in the future never in the Here and Now. Therefore, we lose the focus, we feel Anxiety, which my favourite definition is “Obsessive thoughts about an uncertain future”.

The linear time modus operandi it serves us for many things like study or to play chess very well, but Not for our Evolutionary process for us to understand the profound meaning of life.

Control & Security Obsession

Because from this operative system we perceive ourselves as matter, we believe that “resources are limited” therefore we have to obtain things from outside so this Ego Mind is totally obsessed with to Obtain, Retain and Posses things, such as people, prestige, money and so on.

The consequence of this perception is that we have to Control our possessions at any cost and of course we need a lot of security methods to preserve ourselves save from those who are potentiality our enemies or the thieves who lurk in the shadows.

We unconsciously value much more everything that is dense and material above what is subtle and sensitive; What we are doing by falling into this trap is actually appreciating more what is less real and precious for our Souls Evolutionary Journey.

The Duality mode

This type of mind it requires to operate confronting opposites with no conciliation of the paradoxes which compose the Universe itself, plenty of paradoxes. 

That is why we cannot understand life meaning, The Universe, the transcendental truths from this operative system.

We transcend the duality working on “The process of Integration” thanks to becoming the Observer of our own Life without judging it, from that obsessive attitude of putting a level to everything. By Integrating the paradoxes, we are educating our Ego Mind to be on the service to the Universal Mind.

Trap of Limitations

The Ego Mind basic purpose is to maintain safeguard our material body, at a certain point of our evolutionary process our reasoning Mind was captured by the ego mind that is why we are so afraid of the unknown which of course is considering from the ego mind as terrible risk, because preservation is all about to keep living in our comfort zone, the paradox here is that our Souls evolutionary process takes place into the unknown.

Our Integration coaching is teaching us how to be in Peace walking thru the Unknown.

Our belief systems were installed according to the belief system of our family, country, religion and environment. Those beliefs which are working well for our Soul Destiny plan we don’t need to change them but the invitation of Integration Consciousness is to be aware that there are only our beliefs systems there are not part of our essential truth as Integral Beings.

The Authority Law

The Ego Mind from separation is always comparing, classifying and situating individuals in a hierarchical structure, is unable to observe things from neutrality and equality.

It is a hierarchical model of perception because I have to perceive differences to realise what is missing to preserve my security.

This dynamic it dominates all our relationships from the Ego Mind is “the abuser-victim dynamic”. As consequence, many people blame their reality for their misery, they are installed into “The Fighter” believing that there is something to fight for, something to complain about or something to fix outside.

The external World that we perceive is the reflexion of our inner world. This does not mean that we like everything is that we understand that everything it responds to an evolutionary process. “Remember there is no such a thing as the External world is actually an illusory space-time perception”.

Guilt & Sacrifice dynamics

From the Ego Mind because is based on Separation the concept of Love in relationships is attachment or possession is all about “control and security” and to do many things to possess, maintain and retain people.

Apart from that, we have those beliefs telling us what is to be good or to be bud. What is to be a good Son, what is to be a good mother, a good wife.

Then if we don’t follow those social programs, they say that we are not good enough so we feel Guilty because of we are giving our credibility to those beliefs.

From the Ego mind, we believe that love is about to sacrifice yourself for those you love. At the Integration Process, we learn that sacrifice is a lack of Self Love so our compromise at Soul level is to learn and practice 100 % Self Love which is so far from sacrifice or suffering. Wellcome to The Consciousness Integration Process.


THE EGO MIND addictive-traps

CopyRigth2018. Veronica Endevini