Congratulations as Consciousness Tool is the capacity to admire and celebrate the gifts, talents success and merits of other people from a genuine place. “Your success is my Success” and it cannot be in another way.

As we know from Consciousness there is no such thing as success or unsuccessful people because “Every outcome is a learning Experience”.

The Conscious congratulations come from our own fulfilment perceiving our selves as a happy successful person because we are Energy Information so we only can give what we contain “We only can teach what we know”

Congratulations is an expression of admiration so you have to admire yourself previously. Feeling self-admiration, you can give it to others. I admire myself that is why I can teach others how to admire and to love their selves.

Ego Mind society is going to tell us that attitude is to be arrogant which is completely false again “you can not teach others what you don’t know”.

That you admire yourself it does not mean that you think you are better than anyone, on the contrary, you are absolutely aware that we are the same Source so our value is absolutely the same, but at the same time we are unique as a person and we came here to this life to enjoy diversity; is just many people is really clueless.

In some cultures when they educate children instead of remark from congratulations their talents and merits they are always remarking their failures comparing the child with the others in a negative way so the push down their self-worthiness and that provokes the comparison and envy feeling towards the successful one.

The reinforcement is, on the contrary, to educate remarking our talent and not give it too much importance of mistakes saying something like- Oh never mind you will do it much better next time, I am sure about that!

And you can say applying Congratulations tool- Well Done, that thing that you did was really good, I like it. Because you are Amazing! Then that child is going to build up a strong Self Esteem and is going to see mistakes as part of learning process, not something to hide or to feel ashamed of.

Anyways we are all different thank goodness and there are infinite ways to show Congratulations to someone you care about, “Be creative and Express Yourself”



Copyrigth2018. Veronica Endevini