The Ego Mind

The Ego Mind is the Energetic Entity that we have to carry out our experience in the Tirth dimension. We have to understand the Ego Mind as what it is, no good no bud just what it is from neutral observation. The first step is to understand and experience how it works. Growing up in Consciousness it requires acknowledging for what it does not serve our Ego programed Mind.   

The Ego Mind was designed basically for us to survive because in the Tirth dimensional experience we have a material body which is the vehicle for our Being and this physical body can die, can be destroyed, needs to be feed, therefore we have to have a very good mechanism to assure the survival of our material Body.

Along with our evolutionary process as Human Beings, we developed this type of mind in a more complex way, thanks to the mechanisms of Projection and Perception to assure his existence as a separated entity from external reality and to optimize his functionality.

This operative system it works in a Linear-Space-Time thinking process to manage the Information, which was so useful to impose the Reasoning over our basic Instincts as humans and it is precisely what differentiates us from animals.

The Ego Mind it is a Materialistic Mind and it serves us to manage every aspect related to the matter, everything which is based on Mechanical Physics reality.

Because of the survival purpose; The Ego mind it requires to have activated the centre of fear which triggers the Alert systems well known as Fight or Flight reptilian brain system, that is why we find ourselves trapped in this addictive mode with all the consequences for our health.

This materialistic perception of everything it includes people it includes ourselves that’s why “The Ego Mind Does Not Serve us to understand Life”

The explanation it is so simple; We are Eternal Energy in Constant Transformation so “we are not Tirth dimensional Beings”, in fact, we are multidimensional Beings and our higher dimension existence is Consciousness or the Absolute according to the last scientific studies it is vibrating in the 40th Dimension and it contains the whole information of the Universe.

The 3rd Dimension is less real than the higher ones because it contains less information we can even call this life an illusory space-time experience.

“Everything in our Reality is going to be a subproduct of the level of knowledge related to who we are and how it works”. This is a Deep Self-discovery Journey; Well come to The Consciousness Integration Process.


Ego Programed Mind