The Law of Nature

All natural manifestations require proper conditions.

All natural cycles have specific functions.

All violations of the Law incur the relevant consequences.

All living organisms need proper nourishment for survival.

All living organisms are aware of this Law at an instinctive level. All living organisms have a specific function.

The Law of Nature is horizontal and unfolds at the level with the densest vibrations (the material world). It cannot operate vertically on the other laws; it manifests through the four material kingdoms mineral, plant, animal and human.

Violations of the Law of Nature provoke, among other things, sickness, malformations, hereditary defects, weakened immune systems and infections.

The Law of Nature operates when individual instincts are followed, which are a form of “mind” of nature. Instinct is the basic natural human behaviour controlled by a part of the brain called the reptilian brain (limbic system).

Basic instinctive functions include procreation (mating) and the maintenance (goods, desires) and defence (survival) of life.