Appreciation as a conscious tool is that capacity to show the other person that they mean to you that they are Important for you.

Let’s go for it, as children we create a personality, the self that it utilizes many mechanisms to feel the mean of appreciation that is what we all want to feel.  Adults are still being the same but we become aware in this Journey that is all about to appreciate ourselves first of all.  When we are falling into the trap of third-dimensional separation we project into someone our own beauty and we think that we have to do many things to get appreciation from them.

The Inner Child patterns are about action-reaction; the mind says- Ok, If I do this I get this reaction from mama, she is happy so we are learning self-appreciation from that action-reaction, we understand that is the way to give love and to feel appreciated by the other person. That pattern it can help us for many things in life, but the paradox is as we know life is an evolutionary process. Evolution it means change.

When our Being is asking for a significant change is that impulse of the evolution calling into action inside of us. We start to miss something, we don’t feel complete anymore from what we are creating outside. Normally we are afraid because the Higher Self is asking for a radical change actually that is what he likes, that is what he loves but our Character wants the opposite is trying for us to keep ourselves in the old pattern.

Many times we can become stuck in a situation because we are not feeling appreciation coming from someone that we care about but that feeling it can be created by the old concept that we used have about what is to be appreciated.

If we are growing thanks to this new situation the old pattern is not going to serve us anymore, we have to let to take place an inner revolution inside of us. We have to break our own chains. We have to try new ways that many times we are so scared of, but as they say- “No risk, No Gain”.

To grow up we need someone who confronts us, we need that situation that is telling us- “The old way is not going to work this time”, for us to realize that perhaps we have some inner work to do.

When we are stuck in a pattern we tend to think that we have to do weird things to be appreciated by others then we can become afraid of demonstrating what is really important for us. Because our Ego wants to feel special, wants to cause an impact and it complicates communication. 

Many times, we don’t even know how to tell someone that we Appreciate them, just by saying- “You are so important to me, I am here for you, I am happy for you to be in my life”; Simplicity is the Highest expression of Love.