Recognition is the action or process to acknowledge something in particular. This Consciousness Skill is the capacity to express the others that we can admit our mistakes, our shadows in general.

To develop this Skill which is wonderful we have to create the time in our daily life to review our behaviour and the events from the perspective of Evolution and evaluate if we were doing our best or we could improve something by recognising those patterns.

Our society, in general, it condemned the mistake as something negative as a quality of the looser, therefore the majority of people is hiding their mistakes from others. The mistake is one of the principal ways that we have to evolve, which is the reason to be here on this planet- Don’t you think that is all the other way around?!- I made a lot of mistakes in this life, thank God! They were my greatest masters.

Because of one mechanism which domain the Ego Mind “The Authority Law”, we approach interactions playing the boss or playing the sheep roll. By wearing many masks as well with the objective of not being hurt, invalidated, or rejected. The result is Recognition is not at the surface precisely. Recognition is about to be Humble is about to be aware that we are learning all the time and is the product to have been done a previous Process of Shadow Integration that it continues.

We all want to feel connected that’s why if we associate to recognise some failure as not being good enough for the others the resulting tendency is to avoid recognising those weak points.

Here is the paradox the more you are able to recognise your shadows from self-love the more you can recognise other people talents because we are reducing the distance from failing to win.

To lose and to win there are both parts of the journey of life both are fundamental both are worthy. Observing from this Holistic Perspective, we are Transforming the Ego Mind into the Universal Mind.