Gentleness is all about how to express our sweetness as a wonderful way to show our beauty which improves tremendously the connection with our true nature.

Personally, it took me time to uncover and express my Gentleness. Many years ago I have been studying “The Enneagram” and I find it an amazing personality develop that methodology. If you don’t know about Enneagram, I invite you to do some research.

In the Enneagram, I am the full expression of the Number 8. Number 8, is the “The Leader” because of our capacity of guiding others, our determination, our strength, our powerful presence, our embodiment. But here is the thing, number 8 as a child it used to be very sensitive usually an empath. To become aware of what is the love we have to experience a certain amount of suffering.

Because of our sensibility, our questions, our high perception, the materialistic Egos around us used to feel threatened and probably they used to attack us invalidating our perceptions. At that point the Inner Child of the number 8 as a strategy start to develop a strong armour creating a character who expresses Power, Strength, Intellect, Structure, Determination, Challenge, Fight, we are the greatest expression of “The Warrior” archetype.

This powerful warrior doesn’t want to show the others the Gentle Sweet beautiful child who is always looking for affection and caring and who loves sensitivity. Because in that way he can be attacked and hurt. This child is “The warrior” because is looking to be loved, and in a violent environment the fight for that child is the common expression to survive and to be loved.   

Number 8 to integrate and balance the personality has to show up his Gentleness and sweetness. The result is amazing because “The warrior” is still living within the number 8 but this time is going to be integrated with gentleness as that high sensitivity of the Empath, then it was born “The Wizard”.

Gentleness it helps us to create a real connection between our hearts and the beauty of Life;  At the end of the day is all that we want as Essential Beings.