I feel so happy to be able to write about respect nowadays from experience and self-respect which is as we know the beginning to respect others.

When someone in pain or sick asks to me and that happens many times- What is the best Technique or Discipline for me to choose? What is the difference between those techniques? I always answer the same- That is not the most important, the most relevant in any practitioner actually is not about their techniques but is all about their level of Consciousness which is going to determine their perception to the level of respect towards their patients.

Let’s dive into it; From Consciousness we are all the same Source or energy, when we live from this Paradigm we perceive other people as Energy, as Consciousness, as a Soul not as limited individual body who can be sick or ill, but we totally understand that they really feel pain or they really believe that they are sick but anyways we still perceiving them as powerful beings just temporarily no remembering who they are and their power.

That perception of Divine in anyone is the greatest Respect we can give to others. In our practice thanks to that Awareness is because people initiate a real healing process.

At the same time for the Evolution, everything is perfect and everyone is going to attract the right clients for them. But I would remark if we perceive the patient as a sick person, what we are doing is reinforcing their wrong poor perception of their selves, we are not really giving respect. Respect is about to perceive, think, and behave towards others in the same way as we would do towards ourselves.

When we are living from Consciousness we become natural healers because just our level of respect is the highest and high frequencies of thoughts sweep away the lower ones this is “the entrainment effect”.

That person who came to visit us starts to feel clearer in the mind. Their level of self-respect is going to increase in a tremendous way because we are being their best respectful reflexion.