Integral Being

Today’s phrase

“Simplicity is the highest expression of Love”

Inner Child introduction

Is living inside of our mind a little child that has been programmed, that child came here to this life with no conscious information about anything but Oneness. After the childbirth, it begins the projection and perception, those… Read More


Appreciation as a conscious tool is that capacity to show the other person that they mean to you that they are Important for you. Let’s go for it, as children we create a personality, the self that it… Read More


Recognition is the action or process to acknowledge something in particular. This Consciousness Skill is the capacity to express the others that we can admit our mistakes, our shadows in general. To develop this Skill which is wonderful… Read More


Gentleness is all about how to express our sweetness as a wonderful way to show our beauty which improves tremendously the connection with our true nature. Personally, it took me time to uncover and express my Gentleness. Many… Read More

Creando Intimidad

Mi poder es mostrarte mi  vulnerabilidad desde esa zona que puede ser dañada aun sabiéndolo de esta forma me estoy diciendo, esto es valioso y digno de ser cuidado   Mi alta sensibilidad me hace capaz de poder… Read More


I feel so happy to be able to write about respect nowadays from experience and self-respect which is as we know the beginning to respect others. When someone in pain or sick asks to me and that happens… Read More