Integral Being


Congratulations as Consciousness Tool is the capacity to admire and celebrate the gifts, talents success and merits of other people from a genuine place. “Your success is my Success” and it cannot be in another way. As we know… Read More

The Ego Mind

The Ego Mind is the Energetic Entity that we have to carry out our experience in the Tirth dimension. We have to understand the Ego Mind as what it is, no good no bud just what it is… Read More

The Law of Nature

All natural manifestations require proper conditions. All natural cycles have specific functions. All violations of the Law incur the relevant consequences. All living organisms need proper nourishment for survival. All living organisms are aware of this Law at… Read More

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony is the integration of the parts of a whole, and of the whole into a superior body. The world responds to and gives back everything that you put out. Only understanding ensures that destruction… Read More

The Law of Correspondence

Every situation is a learning experience. Every circumstance is generated from within. All events happen to whom they are meant to happen. That which is necessary for personal growth will always be available (but not necessarily that which… Read More

The Law of Evolution

Experience alone will open the way for a full understanding of the truth. Human beings are confronted only by those situations which are necessary for understanding and transcendence. Individual levels of consciousness increase only through proper transformation. The… Read More