Commitment is a wonderful Skill, let’s start from the beginning. The true commitment it starts with ourselves, it is an intimate unique process until we are able to establish a real commitment to ourselves.

Many times we find ourselves living a life that is not connected with our truth that is because we didn’t discover our true self-jet, that it requires time and to make some mistakes to learn from them. Once we are connected with the kind of life that we really want to experience and again everyone is different at that point it is very important to establish a very strong commitment to our journey.

Many times we can be confused, we can be obtained bud results out there, normally that is because we didn’t clear our mind of contradictory or limited belief systems. In particular we can forget the evolutionary purpose of life creating our agenda based on those beliefs and we cannot find satisfaction because our Soul has completely different plan for us, sometimes we have no other way than to pass thru the suffering experience but other times we can save time and suffering going to a Consciousness mentor which made those mistakes before to guide us an assist us in the best way…

Fear of commitment is coming from the ignorance about how it works the dynamic of creating our lives from the Universal perspective; it is about being afraid of not getting the expected result or not being good enough in any aspect of life.

We know already that our Free Will it consist in to propose and optimize ourselves to improve the quality of our thoughts, but at the same time we don’t know the outcome, therefore, we have to let the Universe to provide the best for us and actually that is exactly what happens. Here is the thing, if our plans are connected with our Soul evolutionary planning and the Universe will it will work but if it is not, just forget about it!! We have our body to feel sensations if something is not working and we can observe the results to check that fact, is just a matter of practice. Copyrigth2018. VeronicaEndevini

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