Consciousness Skill to manage the information is related to all of the others tools because we are energetic information at different levels of vibration.

The amount of information that we contain within us is going to depend on our level of Awareness. Our task in the evolutionary process is to develop the capacity to distinguish between the information that it helps us to grow to the one that it can be neutral or even detrimental to our process.

Once we collect a certain amount of experience or integrated information about universal truths our challenge is going to be how to manage that information.

The interactions with other people are going to challenge us in how and when we have to provide certain information and this Skill is fundamental to fully develop.

There is a universal law which says “Always say only what is necessary”, this is so interesting universe instruction to discuss about. We can ask ourselves-How do I manage the information that I know?

For example, this happens to all of us when we are so passionate about certain subject that we collect a lot of information about, and when we are with someone at different state of awareness we cannot go crazy trying to provide them with all, because that person can be not ready to understand therefore we are not helping them, on the contrary, we can be harming them, in that case, some prudence can be the best to apply.

On the other hand, we have to be very careful of not falling into the trap of getting extra benefits thanks to the way that we manage the information. If someone is asking us for some information and we denied that again and again, we are no helping the other person at all that is to be denning the information when is required especially when later on is going to be known that we did have that information.

It is our privilege to have access to precious information; the challenge is being able to balance an attitude of generosity and prudence at the same time, such an amazing combination!! Copyrigth2018.VeronicaEndevini