Reflection Consciousness Skill is about to realize even when nobody told us before, that life is something that is taking place in our experience as Consciousness for us to review ourselves, for us to question ourselves, for us to observe ourselves.

Reflection is a talent that we can improve substantially with our personal and transpersonal work.  At a certain point, we realize it is thanks to this capacity that we can get the learnings that we came here to this life to Integrate.

Reflection Consciousness tool, it requires for us to take the time to be with ourselves, for us to enjoy the process of self-reflection. To improve our reflection capacity we have to work intentionally by creating that space within our lives to be in reflection.

Early in our evolutionary process, we used to think that we were reflecting on our behaviour and about other people’s separated and apart from us, that is the stage of creating The Self.

When we wake up spiritually we start to perceive the external reality as an extension of ours. We require even more time of self- reflection because we realize how important and worthy this habit is. The space of self-reflection consists in an Integration of the learnings coming from our Life, coming from the Universe.  When we develop a high capacity of self-reflection we know that everything is here to assist us in our evolutionary process then is when we are able to ask ourselves the right questions.

Thanks to the act of Self-reflection we can play to jump from a world that is obsolete and outdated to another full of innovative and wonderful experiences.