We develop Conscious communication ability with others after to be able to establish a deep connection with ourselves.

Deep connection with ourselves is coming from a space of letting go of any thought about overcontrol or security obsession and we can detect those because of the way we feel, when you are telling yourself a history that is far from your highest truth you feel restless you can have also physically uncomfortable symptoms.   

We are all the same the Source but at the same time as individuals, we are all different we know that so we don’t need the same type of communication at every moment of our evolutionary process. The more intimacy we create with ourselves the more authentic is our requirement in communication with others and then we can see clearly the level of Authenticity in someone; actually, that is is one of the qualities that I find irresistible.

A real good conscious communicator is someone who is able to see beyond the veils. We can see for real the being that is talking to us in that interaction, the objective is going to express exactly what we want but in the way that the other person can understand our message and you will prove that by observing the result after that interaction. We can settle a conscious intention to interact.

The wider is our perspective the bigger is our capacity to communicate with others. The great master of communication is actually our heart. Once you are able to listen to your heart without fear you can listen to the other people’s heart; that’s the most authentic communication. Because if we tune with the heart frequency of the other person we intentionally can create a space to contain their emotions from neutrality, from acceptance, and understanding, from that point the highest level of Communication is guaranteed.