The Consciousness Skill of supporting others is so important and precious tool. We all need to feel Support by the people we love. Support is the capacity to be there for someone you love unconditionally.

Let’s dive into loving relationships support Skill. To create unconditionally support in a relationship we have to generate within us the capacity to give that support but to receive it as well, otherwise, the current of energy is not flowing.

As we know everything it starts in our childhood. If we grew up not feeling support by our parents, we didn’t learn what support is about or even worst we can grow up with a self-centered mother or father than on the contrary to make us feel supporting they used to demand for us to support them, then we are  learning that in a loving relationship we don’t have the right to be supported for who we really are. If that connection between mother and a child it was really at the opposite way that child can generate panic against intimacy in relationships because he feels the risk of being totally drained he doesn’t know what’s the feeling of receiving unconditionally support, this is so common in our society.

Therefore in a relationship is the one who supports the other,  but he is not feeling support by the other person for who he really is, in that situation we can ask ourselves: I am expressing to my partner my real desires? I am expressing the things that I would like to that person do for me?

Anyways as everything; it depends on the perspective because if we had that type of parents and we do our profound personal work we become amazing self-supporters so we can teach others: healers, teachers, coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs and so on.

Remember for us to be supported by someone, we have to be able to ask what we need, what we would like, what are our dreams about. When we are doing that, we are helping the other person to know us, not in a demanding way but as an invitation. Remember from Consciousness when we are expressing our needs we are giving instructions to the Universe. We can build a solid Bridge between us to feel fully supported. 


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