Understanding Consciousness tool frequently is the first one that we have to apply in a Conscious communication event. Understanding is the capacity to make feel the other person that first of all we validate their experience.

When we find ourselves in the commitment of guiding other people we have to be able of not losing ourselves along the path of Understanding this is the opposite of being attached to one character, for example, the Therapist or the Teacher, it is so convenient for the Soul journey to become flexible and being able to play different roles in life but maintaining our own essence, we gain flexibility and new experiences; at the same time we increase our Understanding Skills.

Understanding is to be able to see what is the role of that situation is asking us to play. We cannot learn and teach at the same way to everyone. To be brilliant in the application of Understanding we have to interact from Unity as equals in every single interaction.

If we position ourselves bellow or above the other person we are creating separation at different levels that makes impossible to apply Understanding efficiently.

If we position ourselves bellow someone we are in a space of self- invalidation, therefore, we cannot show affection and understanding. If we put ourselves above the other person we are doing their personal work we are missing our limits and probably the roles in that relationship are not well defined so we cannot be applying understanding. The real understanding application it requires that we validate our selves exactly at the same level than the other person independently of their state of Awareness. Copyrigth2018. VeronicaEndevini