Dialogue is a fundamental Consciousness tool.  A person who has this tool Skillfully developed is someone who has 0% of Emotional reactivity when is interacting with someone, for the conversation to be in a state of Harmony and generate Peace.

Observing the Dialogue between man and woman it can be so hard to be maintaining a high Dialogue Skills sometimes. For example, if a girl grew up with an emotional unavailable powerless father she is learning as a child that in a relationship between man and woman it is normal that men do not express very well his emotions; She is going to be in charge of the emotional world in a relationship with of course an emotional immature guy that used to have the same example at home, so they are going to be basically disconnected, but they are not aware.

Let’s imagine that one day our Girl meet a guy emotional aware, he is good expressing his emotions so they have a deep connection.

Here is the thing; she is going to feel extremely vulnerable interacting with this men. He is empowered, -What?! That makes her feel insecure and lost; because of that she can lose her Dialogue Skills easily, emotionally reacting and running away from him. But our girl knows that once you become aware of your fears and your limitations the best is to take action towards there breaking the old pattern. So she went to the guy and say- “Hi There, If you want to talk or anything, I am here for you”- She is brave and self-confident and is my favourite heroine.

The real connection between us it consists in being able to develop “True Intimacy” which is made by deep connection, but that is not going to happen between a man and a woman until both of them are ready to maintain the Dialogue tool at the level that it requires a Conscious Relationship.