Someone who has developed the Valuing Consciousness Tool is a person who knows how to make feel the others as Valued how to express them Recognition.

Valuing it is consisting into express the others what is their talent and their stronger points, what you like about them, what you admire in them.

I observe the level of Valuing Skills in the interaction between man and woman. In general, men are so used to interacting with a woman who learnt that they need a man in general to solve their issues and to be protected by them from a powerless attitude.

Everything it starts with the mother example, if she is a powerless woman who has the tendency to claim for attention, that person is learning that relationship between man and woman is about for men to be the rescuer of the poor women. He is going to feel very comfortable interacting with powerless women because then he feels Valid and loved, and she is going to play that game of needed girl to get her benefits and to feel loved.

When that man has to interact with an empowered woman, who doesn’t need him and who is not going to claim for his attention; He doesn’t know how to express Valuing and Love to her, because he is feeling not valid enough in that situation, he is feeling lost and insecure. Because of this society pattern, in general, women are so fast to overvaluing men talents, on the contrary guys are not precisely fast recognizing women talents and expressing her admiration as an equal.

It is being urgent in our society to promote Valuing between us. We can start by observing ourselves interacting with others, to ask ourselves- How do I feel interacting with an Empowered person?, It is the same if is a Woman or a Men?, I am expressing Recognition, Admiration to that person?, Do I feel Valid enough interacting with that person? Why not?