The Law of Polarity regulates the interaction between masculine and feminine poles in the Universe, makes it possible for the manifestation to materialize in what we call creation, causing movement, dynamism and universal evolution. This Law functions primarily through the attraction of opposites.

Because of our Belief Systems, we like certain things and we don’t like some others, once we are able to observe all of those preferences are completely subjective we are ready for the Awakening.

Following the Law of Polarity, we can find the answer for many of our deepest questions.  Masculine and Feminine give birth to new life; the smooth complements the rough; the soft the hard; the bright the dark; the difficult the easy; the long the brief; the tall the short; the action the result so according to the Polarity law life is an experience of the polarities being able to enjoy all the modalities between the poles that is the diversity that we are.

Many times we find ourselves in that situation where we are connected with a person who has completely different approach than we have and then it can be hard to manage. Could be a lack of understanding of the Polarity law because perhaps we are being overly in our polarity I mean too extreme in our behaviour and that is precisely why we attract that situation towards the Opposite. We can ask ourselves- What is being my polarity related to this situation? – Which can be the polarity of the other person?

Gaining the understanding of what is being your Polarity your extreme, you can improve that connection approaching closer to the Opposite side, and you will feel automatically more integrated. We are living in a particular intensive Universal training to do it. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini