The Results

We can measure our own level of Consciousness by observing the external results of our life, it is intimate personal observation. 

External results to value your level of Awareness,

  1. Relationships quality
  2. Level of Health
  3. Abundance of Resources
  4. Adaptability to the environment

A force may only be measured through the resistance of such force, that’s why at the beginning of life journey we have not those results we wish jet so we have to learn about how it functions this life game according to the Universal laws. We are going to develop and explain all of those subjects for you.

Remember, if we want to improve some results we have to apply a different formula to generate that new result, we have to do something completely different than we used to do before, I like to call this “Breaking the Mind Action”, then we can really expect a better result, or not, because we have to take the risk otherwise it is cheating it doesn’t work. If you don’t take the risk you are postponing your own evolutionary process. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini


The external Results