When we are going to have an event which implicates certain level of importance for us automatically we create expectations. Those expectations are simple creations based on the meaning that we are giving to that event.

When the event it is nothing related or even similar to the one that we have been expecting we can feel so frustrated. First of all, we can make the mistake of feeling failure deep down, we can think that we did something wrong or we can think – I deserve something much better than this!

All of those thoughts are coming from the ignorance of the Law of Correspondence which says that everything that happens is the perfect situation for our Evolution otherwise it would never take place; But at the same time we are humans we are learning so it is positive to desire things, then we just apply self-love and caring, we tell ourselves that is ok to feel in that way and to have desires, never punish yourself. We have the right to feel whatever we are feeling that is to practice 100% Self-Love. We will review the learnings after all.

When things are turning into the opposite direction that your desires just remember this Universal law of Correspondence and tell to yourself:-“ Baby, I know it doesn’t look like at all but actually this is the perfect situation for my Evolution”. Remember that The Universe has many wonderful ways to teach you once you learn how to let go of your expectations and accept your Correspondent experiences as a good girl. Copyrigth2017.VeronicaEndevini