Integral Being


The Law of Polarity regulates the interaction between masculine and feminine poles in the Universe, makes it possible for the manifestation to materialize in what we call creation, causing movement, dynamism and universal evolution. This Law functions primarily… Read More


The Law of Harmony is the integration of the parts of a whole in the state of Peace, which is necessary to maintain the divine order in any kind of relationship dynamics. We have to put into practice… Read More

Mother Nature

The Law of Nature it says that all the Universe designs are perfect the way they are, this law it works with a purpose of maintaining the procreation and depredation balance. This law is expressed in humans as… Read More

The Results

We can measure our own level of Consciousness by observing the external results of our life, it is intimate personal observation.  External results to value your level of Awareness, Relationships quality Level of Health Abundance of Resources Adaptability… Read More

Consciusness Tools

We know that the Objective of life from Consciousness is for us to learn, to evolve from any situation but I realized that many times we find ourselves asking the right questions but it can be hard to… Read More

Mind Transformation

Diving deep into the Ocean